The June and July concerts have been cancelled. Phase 2 of the Forward Dane guidelines imposed by Dane County restricts the number of people allowed at an outdoor gathering to 100. In Phase 3 of Forward Dane up to 250 people are allowed to gather outdoors. Because our concerts typically draw between 350-600 people we are not permitted to hold the concerts at the Warner Park Shelter. NewBridge is working on alternative ways to hold the concerts in hope that you may still be able to enjoy the concerts in the coming months.

We appreciate your understanding and will keep you posted.

The Summer Concert Series was started by one of the four senior coalitions that merged to become NewBridge Madison. In 1993, the North/Eastside Senior Coalition (NESCO) initiated the Summer Concert Series at Warner Park in order to bring people together and provide senior adults in the area with free, high-quality summer entertainment. The trial run was a success.

These concerts not only brought out senior adults who were members of the coalition but also many individuals and families from the community. Concert attendance has increased from 650 (total for all six concerts) in the initial year to over 2,500 the past year few years. Now the concerts attract not only seniors but also younger adults with disabilities as well as families with young children.

Hundreds of senior adults and families have come to depend on these concerts each year as their primary form of summer entertainment. It has become a fabric of the local community. “The summer concert series is our (NewBridge) opportunity to give back to our community,” said Ruth Hellenbrand, Program and Event Coordinator. “It’s such a joy to see people dancing and having a good time!  And, so fun to see older adults enjoying who wouldn’t normally be able to attend an event like this.”

The Summer Concert Series is sponsored by Madison Community Foundation, Dane Arts, Madison Arts Commission, The Evjue Foundation, and Kollath and Associates CPA.