Our offices have been closed since March 18 and the NewBridge staff has been working remotely. We’ve been able to help hundreds of local older adults. Check out our weekly impact report below. We continue to see needs increase as our older adults are isolated in their homes. For more information about the services we are providing, click here.   

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Week of May 4-8:
– 67 General Voicemails
– 39 Case Management Calls
– 278 Older Adults receiving Food Bridge Deliveries (groceries from a food pantry)
– 30 Necessity Kit Deliveries (cleaning and hygiene items)
– 20 Older Adults Matched with Friendly Caller Volunteers “Bridge Buddies”
– 895 Take-Out Meals
How Older Adults in our Community are Coping…
– Appreciative of NewBridge Food Bridge, Necessity Kits, regular check-ins.
– Thankful for finally receiving long-awaited stimulus checks.
– Experiencing acute grief again after losing a spouse 18 months ago.
– Worried this pandemic will not go away anytime soon and we will have to live under restrictions for a long time.
– Afraid to leave her home overall and her husband now goes out to do the grocery shopping and laundry.
– Connecting with a counselor and is now on medication due to COVID-19.
– Missing our Home Chore volunteers. One client is not managing her apartment well and is in need of further services.
– Frustrated that the Case Manager cannot visit and help with paperwork.
– Wondering when they can have doctor appointments again but terrified to go to the doctor at this point.
– Still a lot of isolation, depression, and anxiety every single day.
– Struggling to communicate with unemployment over the phone. No online access.
– Getting tired of having to stay in and are starting to choose to go out and travel despite the risks.