Our offices have been closed since March 18 and the NewBridge staff has been working remotely. We’ve been able to help hundreds of local older adults. Check out our weekly impact report below. We continue to see needs increase as our older adults are isolated in their homes. For more information about the services we are providing, click here.   

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Week of May 11-15:
– 75 General Voicemails
– 39 Case Management Calls
– 284 Older Adults receiving Food Bridge Deliveries (groceries from a food pantry)
– 19 Necessity Kit Deliveries (cleaning and hygiene items)
– 20 Older Adults Matched with Friendly Caller Volunteers “Bridge Buddies”
– 1,079 Take-Out Meals
How Older Adults in our Community are Coping…

-Difficult not to be able to spend time with family during Mother’s Day.
– Frustrated by not being able to get unemployment and SSDI at the same time. – Angered by protesters carrying guns and at politicians for only looking out for big corporations and wealthy people. 

– Three clients pass away within the last two weeks, causes unknown at this time.
– Challenged with Social Security and DMV Office being closed.
– Unsure if he will feel safe even after the pandemic. 
– Experiencing a lot of loneliness and missing socialization with friends. 
– Thankful for NewBridge; Food Bridge Deliveries, Bridge Buddies, Necessity Kit Deliveries, Face Mask Delivery, take out meals and for staff checking in. 
– Been able to participate in Zoom AA meetings.  
– Confused if medical appointments are taking place or canceled.
– “When are you going to open up again? This is not working.”  
– Lack of in-home cleaning services. 
– The continued need for food. 
– Still nervous to leave their home even with the order coming to an end. 
– Increased mental health challenges due to having an alcoholic son living in their home. 
– Fear of having caregivers come into the home to assist.  
– Fear about reduced home chore services and potential CDA inspections.