Our offices have been closed since March 18 and the NewBridge staff has been working remotely. We’ve been able to help hundreds of local older adults. Check out our weekly impact report below. We continue to see needs increase as our older adults are isolated in their homes. For more information about the services we are providing, click here.   


Week of April 27-May 1:
– 91 General Voicemails
– 43 Case Management Calls
– 273 Older Adults receiving Food Bridge Deliveries several times per month 
– 27 Necessity Kit Deliveries (cleaning and hygiene items)
– 6 Older Adults Matched with Friendly Caller Volunteers “Bridge Buddies”
– 863 Take-Out Meals
How Older Adults in our Community are Coping…
– Incredibly nervous about getting the virus and are staying at home as much as possible.  
– Now doing physical therapy at home with similar success.  
– Feeling “blessed for NewBridge’s help.” 
– Depressed as the virus derailed plans to move out of state to live closer to loved ones. 
– Elated and relieved to have received stimulus check to make June rent payment. 
– Interested in the “Bridge Buddies” program and just wants someone to talk to about what’s going on.
– Afraid to go to the grocery store to buy food with an autoimmune disease. Grocery delivery wait time is long. 
– Miss going to the NewBridge meal sites. 
– Questioning when they will get the stimulus check. Experiencing barriers to finding out more information due to the inability to use or access a computer.  
– Concerns about finding housing before the lease ends because there are holds on people moving in and out of subsidized housing.  
– Feeling very lonely and isolated and even though they are able to connect with people via phone it does not replace in-person connection.  
– Mental health has been exacerbated by the isolation and increase in the stressors around them.  
– Exhausted and stir crazy. 
– Praying for this to pass and hoping people are staying in. 
– Anxiety over how long the pandemic will last.