Our office has been closed since March 18 and the NewBridge staff has been working remotely. We’ve been able to help hundreds of local older adults. Check out our weekly impact report below. We continue to see needs increase as our older adults are isolated in their homes. For more information about the services we are providing, click here.   

Week of April 20-24
90 General Voicemails
52 Case Management Calls
264 Older Adults receiving Food Bridge Deliveries (groceries from a food pantry)
39 Necessity Kit Deliveries (cleaning and hygiene items)
642 Take-Out Meals

How Older Adults in our Community are Coping…
– Difficult going through this living alone and not being able to see family.
– Mental health conditions are exacerbated especially anxiety.  
– Not much different since they already felt isolated.
– General check-ins, essential kits and Food Bridge deliveries have been appreciative.  
– Going stir crazy having to remain at home. 
– Grateful for increased FoodShare benefits. 
– Frustrated that non-COVID medical needs, appointments, etc. are just canceled with no-reschedule in sight. Many are willing to “take the risk” of going to the clinic to have their procedure or appointment.
– Challenges with registering for unemployment and anticipation of stimulus checks.