Our office has been closed since March 18 and the NewBridge staff has been working remotely. Through the several weeks, we’ve been able to help hundreds of local older adults. Check out our weekly impact reports below. We continue to see needs increase as we are isolated in our homes. For more information about the services we are providing, click here.   

Week of April 13-17
121 General Voicemails
56 Case Management Calls
249 Older Adults receiving Food Bridge Deliveries (groceries from a food pantry)
29 Necessity Kit Deliveries (cleaning and hygiene items)
494 Take-Out Meals

How Older Adults in our Community are Coping…

– People want to talk on the phone about whatever.
– Experiencing spike in mental health symptoms: paranoia and feelings of being targeted.
– Appreciating the food pantry and necessity kit deliveries.
– Excited about our new service “Bridge Buddies” friendly callers.
– Diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 16- struggling to breathe on the phone but the client stated she’s “one of the lucky ones.”
– Difficult time social distancing and just want to join up with friends.
– Taking drives to help with cabin fever.
– Challenged by getting through to the unemployment office by phone (no computer access) and NewBridge was able to help online.
– Client who is homeless is enjoying her temporary stay at the Clarion Suites.
– Very frustrated that doctor appointments have been rescheduled for early summer. Worried that cataracts are going to get worse.
– Scared and frustrated due to loss of job at WISE center and was not able to pay rent. Now has a Notice from his Landlord (no eviction). He has tried to get
info on stimulus check but had technical difficulties. Is very worried about how he will catch up on bills/rent.
– Client with chronic depression was in tears and could barely speak over the phone. She typically uses her grandkids as a coping mechanism when her
depression is bad but she hasn’t been able to see them in a month. Her husband also has Alzheimer’s and is dealing with extra behaviors related to not
having activities or visitors to occupy him.
– Client needs foot amputated and the hospital is pushing off the procedure.
– A lot of frustration with medical providers and necessary care needs but getting push back because it is not an “emergency.”
– Grateful to receive the extra Food Share benefits.
– A great deal of fear.
– Thankful for the regular check-ins.